Salsa El Mariachi Review

salsa el mariachi blue 29er hardtail mountain bike

The impressive Salsa El Mariachi has been well received by the biking community from the time it came out in 2007.   Given it’s fantastic frame design and smooth as silk ride, it has boosted the excitement of many into riding 29er bikes. With the patented “Kung Fu” steel frame it makes it a really strong bike without sacrificing comfort of the ride or adding additional weight to the bike. Below you can watch a video of an actual owner of the El Mariachi for his review and impressions of the bike since he made his purchase.

On the trail this bike hits the dips and groves just like it’s floating on a cloud. No other 29er can compare to it’s impact absorption. If you want to reel in the rear wheel base length, it’s as simple as adjusting the Altenator drop-out and the tension screws. And it’s done. If you’re looking for a bike that you can use for training or even endurance rides, The Salsa El Mariachi is the ride for you.



Tire Clearance
Clearance for up to 29 x 2.4″ tire

Compatible with 80-100mm travel 29’er suspension fork

Headset – Upper
1-1/8″ Zero Stack (ZS44/28.6)

Headset – Lower
For Tapered: 44mm External Cup (EC44/40) For Straight: Zero Stack (ZS44/30)


Seat Collar
30.0mm. Salsa Lip-Lock (Pewter color) included

Front Derailleur
28.6mm, Low Clamp, Bottom Pull

Bottom Bracket
73mm English

Fits any mountain double or triple

Rear Brake
51mm I.S., maximum rotor size 185mm

Rear Spacing
135mm x 10mm QR

Bottle Mounts
2 per frame

Derailleur Hanger
Replaceable Alternator plates. Driveside Geared FS1312. Driveside Singlespeed FS1318. Non-driveside FS1313.

Cable Routing
Continuous brake, under toptube. Under downtube derailleur.

Frame Weight
S (5.19 lbs/2354g), M (5.31 lbs/2409g), L (5.5 lbs/2495g), XL (5.69 lbs/2581g)

The steel frame of the Salsa El Mariachi has a symmetry between it’s firmness as well as it’s comfortable ride, while at the same time being able to absorb the bumps and staying true to it’s line on detailed trials.

This is a very flexible bike. While it will feel right at home on a single track it can blow right through sharp declines. And as mentioned before, with the slide style dropout, you can ride the El Mariachi in single speed mode or in full gear mode.

Even though this particular bike is budget friendly, they did not scrimp on quality, which includes a RockShox Reba fork, for unparalleled stability.

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